Peggy Gou

Her photo adorns the cover of the March issue of Mixmag magazine. And it seems that this is only the beginning of her truly stellar career... July 6 in the series Music.Football 2018 the most promising girl-DJ, author of the sensational EP 'Once' Peggy Gow will perform in "Insomnia". Cover story of British Mixmag has a catchy title "Welcome to the age of Gou-mania". There's no exaggeration, the name of Peggy Gow is on everyone's lips today. This South Korean beauty really forced to talk about themselves, so fast career start very few people expected. The journey from the debut release to the cover of the influential magazine Peggy took place in just two years: the first EP of Go 'the Art of War Part 1' was released on Rekids in January 2016. Even then the girl predicted a great future.

This release opened the doors of her famous clubs: Go is very proud to say that she became the first South Korean DJ to perform in Berghain. However, it was not limited to the cult Berlin techno club. Peggy Go meteor swept through the main sites of the planet-a twelve-week residence in London XOYO, performances at Hyte parties and Vietnamese Episode, a brilliant set on the Boiler Room.

To be continued, there is no doubt. Especially after its last release: on March 2, the EP ‘Once’was released on Technicolour. Go describes the mini-album as follows:"I've collected all the things that inspire me, from electro, African music and house of the early 90's to techno." Here, Peggy debuted as a singer, recording a vocal role for the track "It Makes you Forget". Peggy Gow's tour is scheduled for the rest of the year today, and she is eagerly awaited at the Lovebox, Terminal V and Dimensions festivals. But still the girl had time to look this summer in Moscow, July 6, she will perform for the first time in the "Insomnia" at a party series of Music.Football 2018.